Book Review: The Real Estate Coach by Bradley J. Sugars

Book Review by Skip Dayhoff, Owner, Law Office of Charles S. Dayhoff III, PLLC I’ve been practicing law for approximately 38 years. If and when I ever close my law practice, I’ve been pondering what my next, probably part-time career might be. After listening to Brad Sugars speak in person in Pinellas County not long ago, I became intrigued with the idea of investing in residential real estate. In other words, playing real life “Monopoly”. Thus, my review of Mr. Sugars’ book, “The Real Estate Coach.”  In approximately 181 pages, you’re taught, in easy to understand language, the steps you need to take and… Continue Reading

How to Make Time for New Year's Resolutions

How to Make Time for New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas 2016 is officially over so you know what that means — time to think about your New Year’s resolutions for 2017! Whether your goals are personal, professional, or both, self-improvement is one of the most major keys to success. But, as a busy business owner, you may be wondering how to make time to follow through with your resolutions. The business coaches at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay are here with strategies to help you make time to ensure you meet all of your goals in 2017! Facts About New Year’s Resolutions According to research from the University of Scranton, a… Continue Reading

Case Study: Business Success In Any Season of Life

Life Before Business Coaching… The first time you meet Charles “Skip” Dayhoff, his first words will probably be “I sue people for a living”, while a memorable introduction, what immediately stands out is his dedication and credibility in the legal profession for close to four decades. While Mr. Dayhoff has a great deal of legal experience and knowledge in multiple types of law, one thing he’ll candidly admit is when walking into ActionCOACH, he had very little business experience. Starting out as an economics major in college he then moved into law going out on his own over 30 years ago. Skip… Continue Reading

Book Review: Instant Team Building

ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars will tell you first and foremost that your company is only as good as your team. Instant Team Building takes the mystery and guesswork out of building the right team that lasts and helps you drive your business objectives. Very early on in life, Mr. Sugars father told him “You only ever get the staff you deserve”.  Those can be tough words to swallow as a business owner as it’s often easier to assert that it is hard to find good people and see your employees as an excuse for goals not being met vs. a reflection… Continue Reading

What Does a Business Coach Do?

What Does a Business Coach Do?

The role of a business coach is similar to the role of any coach, but caters exclusively to your company and the individuals involved in the growth of your company. Take for instance any sport, as an athlete you are going to do what you can on your own until you reach the peak of your own capabilities and need some training in order to take yourself even further. A business coach helps you move from where you are to where you want to be. The fastest way to become an expert in business is to learn from people who… Continue Reading

Book Review: Billionaire in Training

Billionaire in Training by Bradley Sugars As founder of ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars has established a pattern of mastering a financial strategy, reaching a high level of success using that strategy, and then writing a book on that particular subject to enlighten others. His book, “Billionaire in Training”, follows that same pattern.  What he shares with us in this book are the tools, strategies and necessary steps to help others reach wealth and riches in a much shorter time period than ever thought possible through buying, building and selling businesses. The obvious question of why ‘Billionaire’ instead of ‘Millionaire’ is answered… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Have you ever said to yourself “I’m not a morning person”? Or maybe you’ve found yourself identifying with night owls who get their creative or productive spark at 11pm at night. Working with such a diverse group of business owners over the years has exposed me to those who wake early and feel the exhaustion at night as well as those who lay restless at night and struggle to wake up in the morning hitting snooze over and over. I always felt the latter… until I read this book. The author Hal Elrod adds a… Continue Reading

Case Study: Bright Results – Dr. Stacey Robinson

Case Study: Bright Results – Dr. Stacey Robinson

Business Coaching is Like Health Prevention for Businesses – Robinson MD We just sat down with Dr. Stacey Robinson of Robinson MD to get some feedback on her long term coaching with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay! Life Before Business Coaching… Dr. Stacey Robinson started her practice in 2009 and quickly realized that she didn’t know how to run a business. “You know, in medical school, they don’t teach you how to run a business – I got my check book and my office and my computer and now I am going to practice medicine! It was very overwhelming,” she notes. Dr. Stacey… Continue Reading

Case Study: Bright Results – Trinity Graphics

Taking Near Failure to Success Trinity Graphics We sat down with Scooter Cardoza from Trinity Graphics to discuss his ActionCOACH Tampa Bay experience! Life before business coaching… Scooter met his current business coach, Juliet, before he thought he really needed one. He was more focused on “trying to get out of a home-based business into a brick and mortar space and I liked the idea and concept of coaching but it just didn’t make sense at the time.” But after they had been in their new space for a year and a half, “we were imploding. I was just running… Continue Reading

The Formula for Life Success: BE X DO = HAVE

The Formula for Life Success: BE X DO = HAVE

Want to know the formula for life success? There are many formulas to achieve success in life, but what we are about to explain is the best theory the business coaches at Action COACH Business Coaching Tampa Bay have ever seen. BE x DO = HAVE Confusion often arises in people when they become successful or wealthy. Common thought is that if they had a million dollars then they would be successful and do all sorts of things they couldn’t in the past. We see this happen often with professional athletes and people who win the lottery who are never… Continue Reading

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