Internal Team Resource Page

Weekly Team Meeting KPI Tracking

Enter New Contacts into CRM – MUST BE OPENED IN PRIVATE BROWSER WINDOW – once you hit submit it will be added to the CRM and you will get an email reminder to add notes to the contact.

> CRM Log In Page – this is the CRM login page

> Welcome Overview Video – new contact form and overview of CRM

> Group Actions Video – how to send a group text, email, add to campaign, add or remove tag for a group in CRM

> Smartlist Creation – USE FIELDS TO CREATE SMARTLISTS FOR CONTACT TYPE – how to create a list of contacts based on specific fields or tags in CRM

> CRM Support Contact Info – you can submit a support email or use the chat for challenges or requests with the CRM via these methods.

DIAG and Lead Tracker – add your DIAGS when they are booked.

> Videos and Checklist – the link we send prior to DIAG (checklist is now in the CRM)

Coaching Clients Tools

Retention Model Tracker – view and add dates to calendar to remind you of milestones for your clients. Documents should be saved to their coaching file and touch points should be documented in the CRM.

Focus Sheet – view results in spreadsheet

> (clients complete in the 48 hour period before coaching session to prepare and get focused)

Coaching Feedback Form – view results in spreadsheet

> (utilize at the end of coaching session to record top focus and feedback)

Fast Feedback Form – view results in spreadsheet

> (utilized for all other trainings and speaking for feedback and also once per quarter client feedback)

Coach WIN Reflections – click to fill in your reflections from each session!

> Click here to view the results in spreadsheet and sort by client name and coach name.

Pre-Planning Worksheet – view results in spreadsheet

> (utilized for clients to prepare for upcoming planning sessions or resetting goals)

> Real Business Assessment – Password 0000

Letter to Myself – view results in spreadsheet

> (utilize at the end of planning session to have them write goals in a letter to themselves)

Private Client Education YouTube Playlist – view Hiring Steps How to Video, Monthly Educational Videos, etc.

> (only those who have this link can view the videos in the playlist)

BizOwnerCLUB Focus Sheet – view results in spreadsheet

> (BizOwnerCLUB clients complete in the 48 hour period before group coaching session to prepare and get focused)

Marketing and Other Resources

121 Toolkit – Our “Referral Partner Worksheet” to use with profitability and credibility in our 121s to further train our referral partners.

ACTB Logo and Team Headshots – ActionCOACH Tampa Bay logo formats and cropped/full sized head shots

Business Coach Application Page Link

> (share this link with any potential coach candidates to start the process and alert Juliet if you are personally recommending them)

2021 Survey – view results in spreadsheet

> (send this form link to referral partners to share with their database to potentially create referrals for you while also collecting important data)

Google Review Link – direct link to share in a hyperlink to request a Google review

Facebook Review link – direct link to share in a hyperlink to request a Facebook review

Newsletter Main Page – landing page to view all past issues and there is a place to join the mailing list as well

Coaching Question Log – view and add questions to improve our engagement and results for our clients

Problems of Business Owners – view and add common problems and pain points of business owners as well as our solutions to those problems

BizOwnerCLUB – this is the info page with the application form and payment form to complete for them to apply.

ACTB Services List – under construction by Barb

1st 90 Days and Alignment – under construction by Scott