Managing Your Employees In a Small Business

Becoming a team leader and manager means you’ll be closer to your employees both literally and figuratively. How you manage your employees depends on how you view that closeness: does it make you feel more accessible to your employees or more exposed? Being in a... read more

3 Tips for Becoming a Leader People Will Respect

Anyone can take on a leadership role, but not everyone is a leader—let alone a leader that people respect and want to follow. Being a leader is one thing…but being a respected leader is another. Anyone can become a great leader, but it requires a unique balance... read more

How to Build Your Business with Executive Coaching

Business owners want (and need!) to curate a strong team of executives to help build their business and achieve their goals and dreams. But managers, CEOs, and other top executives aren’t born overnight. Fulfilling these positions is challenging. While some... read more

Fear of Public Speaking – Why Are We So Worried?

Public speaking is terrifying for some people. The fear of public speaking isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s so common it actually has a name: glossophobia, and it’s one of the top fears or phobias in the world. Three quarters of the population has some form of this fear.... read more

What Separates a Successful Business from a Failing Business?

Sometimes it’s easy to see a successful business and when it’s a failing business. But can you tell what made one successful and the other fail? More importantly, do you use the practices that keep successful businesses in business? Successful businesses we notice... read more

What Should You Outsource? A Follow-Up!

In an earlier article we talked about scarcity of time and outsourcing labor to use your time as a business owner wisely. So what kinds of things should you outsource? Things like administrative tasks, repetitive tasks, accounting and even sales. Time is an asset that... read more

What Makes a Trusted Leader (In Business and In Life)

Do you want to be a trusted leader? In business? In your life? Of course. Being a trusted leader means you have integrity and respect. People decide if you can be one by observing you, judging your words and seeing if they match who you really are. A trusted leader is... read more

What is Your Customer Acquisition Cost?

So what IS your customer acquisition cost? If you are like most business owners, you probably don’t think about the actual cost of your advertising and marketing. Yes, you know what you spend, but do you know how many people it brings in? What they spend? Ask yourself... read more

How to Create a Great Brand!

Business today is all about branding. It makes sense, if you have a strong brand, people think of you first and keep you top of mind when they are looking for your kind of goods or services. When we think of brand, oftentimes logos, colors and celebrity endorsements... read more

Who is Your Best Customer?

You’re in business to make money, and I bet if you were asked you could name your best customer or client right off the top of your head. But did you really look at what makes them your best customer? If someone asked you to make a list of your best customers, you... read more

Signs Your Employee is Getting Ready to Leave

Signs your employee as getting ready to leave would be helpful to know so that you can handle whatever situation arises, including replacing him or helping to bring him back to a good relationship with your business. It’s bugging you, that employee who used to be so... read more

Here’s How to Sell to a C-Level Executive…

Notes from Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s March 7, 2012 Business Development Network Meeting Summary Provided by Speaker: Ford Kyes, Founding Partner of ActionCOACH Pinellas (former CEO of St. Anthony’s Hospital and EVP of the BayCare Health System)  Andy Swenson, CIO... read more

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It: Lessons From You Business Coach

Sometimes, the things we learn as business coaches come from the oddest places.  This video is about how one guy’s quest for the perfect drumstick turned into a business that has lasted over forty-five years.  Vic Firth just wanted to create a better drumstick for his... read more

Executive Coach Brad Sugars Share the Power of Priorities

Brad Sugars knows a thing or two about priorities, he built ActionCOACH up from nothing.  Below he shares some tips he uses when he coaches executives. There are two things that business people find very challenging: thinking ahead and doing things in order of... read more

Email Tips From Your Executive Coach

At ActionCOACH, we know that planning your day and actually sticking to that plan are two different things.  You have meetings scheduled, a lunch appointment, and a client meeting.  What we can’t schedule for are problems that may need to be addressed immediately,... read more

Performance Management System

A Performance Management System is the glue that bonds employee performance to a company’s mission. When fully leveraged, it aligns employees at every level with the organization’s key business goals. Just how should a Performance Management System used?  Let’s break... read more

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