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“Nothing helps a business thrive more than the guidance of a business coach who provides seasoned advice and acts as a trusted listener and confidant.”

Business Coaching Advice

Just because you are a specialist in your field doesn’t mean you also have the business acumen to turn that expertise into long-term profits. And it also doesn’t mean you easily can realize your dream of retiring early and taking on new adventures. Solid business coaching can lead to success. Owners that understand they need guidance in some areas are the ones in position to succeed. 

Is owning your own business the American dream? It may have been for millions of others in the past – but being able to sell that business for a considerable profit is one of today’s main measures of success. Reach your goals by being disciplined and sticking to a plan – like we describe in this five-step process to realizing your dreams. 

As a business executive, you are in a position to steer the direction of your company. But how do you know when you need personal growth coaching for yourself and your managers, and when you need coaching that focuses on improving your business? Knowing the difference between business and executive coaching is a key step to finding the answer.

When you’re seeking a business coach, you’ll first want to know what makes certain coaches stand out from others. These best coaches will have qualities that help you see your business from a new perspective, one that shows you what success looks like and how to achieve it.

As you learn what goes into making an outstanding coach, you will also discover that not every great coach is ideally suited to address your circumstances. Discover who is the right business coach for you.

Ask potential candidates to share their track record of success with clients who run businesses just like yours and who were up against similar obstacles or challenges. Those challenges might include leadership skills or knowing how to plan for your company’s growth by making new hires or buying an office building.

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Recruiting Top Teams

The hiring process is a major investment of time and money. You put so much into it because you know it can shape the long-term success or failure for your business.

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Business vs Executive Coaching

You know you want coaching of some kind to further your business aspirations. You’ve heard about business coaching and executive coaching, but you’re not sure about their differences and which one is right for you.

Managing Your Business

The daily grind – it can either invigorate you and inspire you to get to the office. Or it can be a drag on your enthusiasm. 

Having trouble letting go of responsibilities? Trust – or the lack of it – is a major issue business owners, which is where our 4 steps to effective delegation comes into play. 

It’s also easy to be overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to take care of in just a day of work. Now consider a week’s worth of them, and you can feel like you’re trying to cross an ever-widening ocean.

But when you break down your projects into smaller tasks, you’ll reduce your anxiety. You’ll know where to start, and you can see a finish line. And you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you get through each step.  

As you get comfortable with realizing you’re not going to complete projects immediately, you’ll feel better taking on multiple tasks and making progress on each of them. That will help you sleep better and it will keep your operations on track.

And though it may sound counterintuitive, you’ll start feeling more confident in your business as you trust the day-to-day operations to your managers and staff. One way to gain that confidence is by investing in the management training that will give them – and you – the ability to run the business properly.

Click below to download our eBook “A Business Owner’s Guide to Building Time, Team and Money” and see the benefits of business coaching first hand.

Growing Your Business

You want your business to grow, but do you have the right pieces in place? 

Instead of leasing, you may be looking to buy your building so that you can get the benefits of capital gains and the equity of being the owner. It can take a lot of convincing to give up that low overhead and buy or lease property. Should you wait until you can no longer meet customer demand with your current operations, or should you plan ahead and commit to buying a building for your company office?

You’ll feel similar conflicts when it comes to staffing. At what point do you start trusting others with your vision How do you know when it’s time to recruit new, top-performing talent, and when you can confidently start expanding your team while still earning higher profits? Because unless you’re going to generate more wealth for yourself and create a business you can eventually sell, expanding doesn’t make business sense. 

Creating Wealth

To generate wealth from your business, you need to be disciplined in how and where you apply your energy. But it’s important to understand that you don’t have to own a business to create wealth. And since creating wealth is your goal, let’s move away from a business-focused approach to the topic, and look at entrepreneurship. 

There are five levels of entrepreneurs, each rung incrementally moving toward easier ways of making yourself wealthy. As you’ll discover, each level includes more freedom while expanding your horizons to pull in the income you want.

Environmentally-Friendly Strategy

Going green is good for the environment. It’s also great for business. Taking a green approach lowers your operating costs while also attracting eco-minded customers and partners.

Need to be persuaded? Learn about the 10 benefits of going green, including being a force for good and a force for revenue! You’ll see how it’s possible to earn higher profits through customer loyalty and cutting your expenses.

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