ActionCOACH Tampa Bay is honored again by Managing Partner Barb Kyes being featured as ActionCOACH’s World’s Best Business Coach


St. Petersburg – WOW! This business coaching firm is on fire! First they celebrated the publishing of their first co-authored book by the husband-wife-daughter team, Ford Kyes, Barb Kyes, and Juliet Kyes in early June entitled, “OMG! What’s The Focus? A Guide for Building an Actionable Business Plan”, and watched it soar to No. 2 on the Amazon Best-Seller List and No. 1 Amazon Hot New Release. Then later in the month, Ford Kyes was honored by being featured in the “World’s Best Business Coach” interview series hosted by ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars. Now, Barb Kyes who is the firm’s Managing Partner, has also been hand-picked as a feature on the interview series to share what strategies she favors for getting results in business and how she has made the climb to being regarded as being a part of the “World’s Best Business Coach” series which features top performing coaches from all around the world.

ActionCOACH operates in 54 countries and has more than 1,000 offices around the world, coaching 15,000 business every week. The franchise has received numerous awards including Fastest Growing Franchise, Franchisee Satisfaction, Best Overall Company and has been named the number one business coaching franchise in the world every year since 2004.

ActionCOACH Barb Kyes has not only lead her family business to achieving high levels of success as being ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in North America – but she has also grown her clients in the past year by 500% – including one business that started with 5 employees and has now jumped to a whooping 30 employees. Barb refers to herself as the “system queen” and adds that she cares more about your business than you do. Having an ActionCOACH gives you that extra support, helping you further develop your business and your personal life. Barb’s advice to others is, “have two ears.” Which she translates to… taking the time to listen to people, really listen.

“I love family businesses because I live in a family business everyday. I enjoy helping them navigate the complicated dynamics that arise in a family business so they can get back to having fun working together and achieving success”, Barb Kyes explains.

To hear the interview, visit this page.

Here are a few questions from the interview that Barb answers:

1. What are some of your favorite clients?

2. What are some of your go-to strategies that you love to coach on?

3. What is it about you as a coach that allows you to achieve the results you do with your clients?

4. What do you think keeps ActionCOACH ranked at the No. 1 Business Coaching company?

5. If you were talking to someone who was thinking about hiring a coach, how do you explain how to get the most out of coaching?


What did you learn from this interview and how can you apply it to your business?

A Business Coach Can Give You Additional Help

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