While the start of each new year may be the calendar day for new beginnings, what better time than the transition from winter to spring to renew, refresh and rethink your business strategy? Read ahead for the best tips your business can apply this spring to refreshing and renewing office operations.

The 10 Step Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Business

#1 Look to the Past to Plan for the Future

Gather all data from the previous four quarters and write up general and specific goals.

#2 Declutter With the KonMari Method

When you hold or observe objects or pieces of furniture around the office, ask yourself, “does this spark joy?” If your immediate response isn’t an enthusiastic yes, simply thank that object for its service and then donate or dispose of it. For more life changing hacks and tips from the KonMari Method, check out this illustrated guide.

#3 Pinpoint What’s Working, Toss What’s Not

Pinpoint the activities, clients, and vendors that have worked best for your business so far. Purge the worst.

#4 Streamline Processes

Create new activities or hire the right people to streamline your business operations and keep everything running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

#5 Launch Fresh Products

Launch a new website or initiate web product design projects with the help of a local marketing agency or online design team.

#6 Highlight Company Accomplishments

Track your business successes and milestones, include accomplishments on meeting agendas and leverage social media to build your brand through company success stories.

#7 Give Yourself a Break to Improve Productivity

Manage breaks well to recharge mind and body to improve productivity. Taking regularly timed breaks throughout the workday will help hone your focus so you can give your all to the task at hand.

#8 Digitally Integrate Your Goals

Use goal trackers to buoy accountability and efficiency. There are a number of digital app options that will help keep you accountable and ultimately motivate you to get where you want to be.

#9 Use the Cloud as a Filing Cabinet

Consider paying for a CRM service for small businesses cloud storage rather than ordering a few more space-consuming filing cabinets. Free up space on your desk without the mound of paperwork and folders and make your life easy with the access of digital organization. Declutter your space to help you focus on how to make growth happen this spring.

#10 Take Inventory of Your Inbox

An average of 247 million emails are sent each day. Take 20 minutes at the beginning or end of each day to sort through your inbox and give it a solid cleaning.

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The 10 Step Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Business

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