Are you having trouble closing sales?

While your business may have a great product or service to offer the world, it’s likely not going to sell itself. Here are three simple ways to improve your sales techniques and close more deals:

1. Sell Your Impact, Not Your Product.

Your clients are interested not in the product or service you’re selling, but in how it can impact in their lives. Use this knowledge to focus on what your product does, not what it is. What does it provide? What void is it filling? How is going to make your clients’ lives better/easier/more enjoyable? Be sure to include all of these things in your pitch. Don’t sell your product, sell the impact it will have when purchased.

Let’s take a vacuum cleaner for example. Your product is a high-powered, lightweight, low-noise vacuum cleaner. But what is your product’s impact? What advantages does it offer the client? How about, high-strength power for even the toughest messes? or lightweight material to make vacuuming the whole home easy? Or what about quiet operation to minimize disturbance, perhaps while the kids are asleep? Pick out benefits like these, and sell them.

2. Be Prepared When the Client Says “No.”

Your sales pitch may be flawless, with a well-prepared answer for every question a potential client throws at you, but what happens when someone flat out says “no”? While we’re not advising you to chase down the person who turned you down demanding a reason, we do encourage you to learn from the times you hear the word no. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. What is that you did – or didn’t do – that so quickly drove them away? Make a list of the possible reasons you think someone may decline your sales pitch, and alter your approach to avoid hearing “no” in the first place.

3. Don’t Race to the Finish Line.

When trying to close a deal, keep things moving along at a steady pace, but don’t move too fast so that your clients feel rushed, or worse: turned off. The perfect way to close a sale is to make it seems like you’re not trying to close at all. Take the time to make sure you’ve answered all of your client’s questions and you have truly shown them how your product or service is going to work for them. Once you’ve convinced the client that hiring your company or purchasing your product is the decision that makes the most sense, they’ll be asking you how to seal the deal.

Develop Sales Skills Tailored to Your Business!

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