The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching again. For some of us, that means a day of watching commercials rather than football. For a small business owner, this also means a valuable opportunity to learn about branding and marketing. The companies that advertise during the Super Bowl employ some of the most expert and highly paid marketing teams. It makes sense for the rest of us to pay attention to what they’re doing. Here are three things to pay attention to and benefit from some unparalleled free market research.

#1 See How Brands Represent Themselves

Successful companies know how important it is to create a strong brand image. Weak marketing leaves viewers with lukewarm impressions they are likely to forget. Super Bowl commercials, however, tend to leave lasting impressions that can continue to sell a brand over the course of the next year or more. Pay attention to the stories that advertisements tell, as well as to what images and ideas they associate with their company’s brand. When one sticks with you, maybe you can use a similar technique with your own marketing. Check out the top ten most viral Super Bowl commercials.

#2 Analyze Their Dollar Return

Commercials are an investment in which the money put into these marketing campaign comes back in sales. A single 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs about $4.5 million dollars. How are companies earning that money back? Some companies try to sell a specific product to boost sales, while others send a message about their brand in general. Decide which strategy makes sense for your own company’s specific goals.

#3 Compare Strategies to Your Own Business

You may not be the CEO of Nike or Budweiser, but the same principles they use also apply to your business. If their marketing and branding strategies work for them, odds are they can for you too. What kind of story do you want to tell about your brand? What kind of ideas do you want associated with it? Some of the most successful companies in the world are investing millions into these strategies, so it is wise to follow suit.

ActionCOACH Can Help You Achieve the Brand Image You Need

It can be hard to step away from the day-to-day tasks and see the big picture of where your business is heading. That’s why ActionCOACH is here to assist. We can make sure that your branding and marketing reflects the reality of your business, and that your message will have a positive effect on your potential and current customers.

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