When it comes to running your business, you are always looking for new ways to save time, money and resources. And there is no better way of staying organized than with an easy to use app right on your phone or tablet. Here are the top four apps that can help you navigate all your daily business tasks.

1. Evernote

Running a business requires you to remember a million pieces of information all at once. Since you can’t just cover your office in sticky notes, there is Evernote.

This app allows you to carry around all your notes and reminders in one place. You can create folders and make to-dos, so all your information is organized. And the best part is, you can access your notes from just about anywhere. Evernote links with your desktop, phone and tablet, so you can always be connected with your notes.

2. Square Register

For anyone in the retail or food and beverage industry, Square Register is a must. It allows you to accept all forms of major credit cards, right from your mobile device.

With the use of a credit card reader dongle that plugs right into your headphone jack, you can take payments anywhere, anytime. It even allows you to email copies of receipts to your customers.

3. CamCard

Whenever you get back from a networking event, doesn’t it always feel like you are overwhelmed with business cards?

CamCard is one convenient place to store all your business connections, without manually entering each card you receive. All you do is point your camera at a business card and take a photo. The CamCard software then recognizes all the information and enters it into your address book.

4. Shoeboxed

One of the hardest things for many business owners is keeping track of all their business expenses. However, you need to be able to easily and effectively reimburse your employees’ for their expenses as well as keep up with your own for tax purposes.

Shoeboxed allows your employees to scan and digitally store their business receipts. It also has a mileage tracker, making it simple to for you to count the miles they drive.

Start Growing Your Business

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