4 Step Formula to Everything You Want in Your Life (Dream, Goal, Plan, Action)Do you know what it takes to get everything you want in life? Did you know there is a 5 step formula? There is and the steps are rather easy: dream, goal, learn, plan and action. Easy steps don’t mean it won’t take hard work, but they are easy to remember so you can keep on track.

The First Step is Dream

Dream big, dream often. Share your dreams with friends and family. When others know what you want from life, they can help you stay on track. If your friends laugh at your dreams, find new friends. Seriously, if your friends can’t support you in your dreams, finding ones that are more intelligent and better educated may be one way to ensure you stay on track. Also make sure you write down your dreams or create some kind of visualization of your dreams. Seeing what you want will make you work harder to get it. Then rate yourself on how well you did that writing or visualizing. Try a scale of 1-10, 1 being not so great, 10 perfect. Just keep in mind that someone who is at a 1 or 2 probably won’t ever achieve their dreams.

After Dreams Are Setting Goals

Your goals are the steps to your dreams. Start by asking yourself what do I have to do to achieve my dreams? What steps do I have to take? Those steps are your goals. Be very clear about what they are, what it will take to reach each one and what your timeline is. Your dreams and goals can be both life goals and business goals. Most importantly write them down! If you don’t write them down you won’t achieve them.

Third is to Learn

Next, Plan

Your goals need a concrete plan to follow in order to hit your timeline marks. But how will you know if your plan is a good one? There are two tests. These tests work for personal goals, but they really work well for business goals. So, first test is ask yourself, is the plan clear enough that you can give it to someone qualified to do what is needed and could they follow it successfully? The second test? Would someone be willing to invest in your goals or your business based on the plan?

Then You Put The Plan in Action

Be sure to track your activities and mark goals as you achieve them. Action is the most important step because without it you are still only in the dream step.

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