When you think of a great leader, what comes to mind? Is it a general on a battlefield, rallying the troops? Or how about a powerful CEO, negotiating deals?

Whatever your idea of a leader is, they all have common traits and these traits enable them to inspire and guide their employees to success. While there are many different ways to be an effective leader, here are four of the things that all leader have in common.

1. They Know How to Communicate

When a business is growing, there is nothing more important than being able to clearly and concisely express yourselves to others. Leaders help pioneer new strategies and business processes. Therefore, it is his or her responsibility to ensure everyone knows what is going on and are on track to succeed. Without good communication skills, it is impossible to be a mediocre leader, let alone a great one.

2. They Play to Their Employees Strengths

While leaders often portray a confidence of knowing how to do everything, they rarely do. And that’s ok! As long as they are able to recognize their employee’s individual talents and play to those strengths, their business will continue to grow. The key is to take notice of the people around you. Actually get to know each one of your employees and find out what individual skills they have that can benefit your company.

3. They Stick to Their Values

In the business world, it can be hard to stick to the values that make you, you. But to gain the respect and loyalty of those working for you, it is crucial that you develop a strong set of values for your company. Sticking to these values will help will help you gain the respect of your employees and customers, helping your business grow in the long run.

4. They Know How to Listen

Being a leader isn’t only about knowing how to give orders. You must be willing to listen as well. Sometimes, the best ideas for your business come from the least likely places or people. But unless you listen to what everyone has to say and keep your mind open to others ideas, you could be missing out.

Start Developing Your Leadership Skills

Great leaders aren’t just born. They work hard to develop the skills they need to be successful in business and their personal lives. Anyone with the drive and dedication can become a leader.

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