5 Positive Mantras That Kill Negativity

Employee engagement can be one of the best investments you make as a business owner. Here are just five phrases to help your staff work harder, smarter and with positivity. Although perhaps a bit cheesy at times, mantras can help change individual paradigms, which will further foster positive attitudes in the workplace.

1. “Behind every adversity is an opportunity.”

Everyone faces adversity at some point. There’s simply no way around it. With this saying, however, you can remind both yourself and your employees that every challenge is also a chance to grow. All opportunities should be seen as such instead of being lamented as something terrible.

2. “We may not be there yet, but we’re closer than we were yesterday.”

Long projects can be a downer. So can high quotas and sales goals that seem to loom over the office like an ominous cloud. This quote will tell everyone that all progress should be celebrated and that even baby steps are still steps in the right direction.

3. “We must work until our idols become our rivals.”

Leaders can boost company morale by demonstrating that everyone works as part of the same team towards a common goal. Although many small businesses might admire and follow the steps of the big dogs, healthy competition can bring everyone closer. Instead of idolizing bigger businesses, work towards becoming a viable competitor.

4. “One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.”  

Are you having trouble with your employees? Keep in mind that you hired them for a reason. Even when they’re being stubborn, aggressive or overly ambitious, just remind yourself that this drive is why they make such valuable workers in the first place. Your passion as a leader is reflected in the passion of your employees.

5. “To be number one, you have to be odd.”

This is an excellent saying for employees who are worried about pitching a new idea or standing out from the crowd in some way. You won’t get anywhere in life if you’re afraid of taking risks!

These are just a few great phrases for boosting morale and improving employee engagement. If you’d like even more, contact us today at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay! We can be reached by phone and email.



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