Press releases have a big job to do. After all, a press release is sometimes the first impression your business gives to potential clientele. When done correctly, a well-crafted press release can put your words in front of the right people; when done poorly, they can be a colossal waste of time. So how can you write a stellar press release that stands out? We’ve curated five tips to show you how.

1. Get Your Reader’s Attention

These days, people consume so much information that you have about three seconds to get your reader’s attention. How do you write an attention-getting press release? You need to create an interesting and engaging hook that also promises some sort of benefit.

For example, let’s say your company is selling a new digital SLR camera, so you write a press release to inform your customers saying, “Kayla’s Cameras is Offering a New Line of Digital SLR Cameras.” This should be effective, right? Wrong! A memorable and attention grabbing press release is informative while also offering a benefit, such as, “Capture Your Memories With the World’s Fastest Continuous Shooting Frame Rate Camera from Kayla’s Cameras.” The former sounds much better, right?

2. Don’t Forget the Basics

Although an attention-getting hook is important, don’t forget the basics when writing a press release…like why you’re writing the thing in the first place. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to answer these questions while writing the perfect press release:

-Who is your target market?

-Why are you writing to them?

-What are you offering?

-When are you offering it?

-Why are you offering it?

By answering these questions before you start writing, you’ll be sure to address all of the important details.

3. Be Clear

Revolutionary! Cutting-edge! Innovative! Sure, these words sound good, but they don’t offer any useful information to your reader. As with any content you write, make sure your words benefit the reader in some way. This means writing with clarity is key.

4. Avoid Writing in First Person

Talking to the reader directly works fine when you’re writing a blog, but no so much when you’re writing a press release. While blog writing can have a conversational tone, press releases need to be professional.

5. Give Just Enough Information

While we already talked about the importance of making why you’re writing the press release clear, you still want there to be just enough mystery. You need to tell the important information, with make sure you withhold just enough so that readers will come to you or your website to learn more. In the end, this is what closes a potential deal!

A Business Coach Can Provide Additional Help

For more help with press releases and the like, a business coach can help. At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, our team of professional business coaches can help your company reach its full potential. To learn all of the ways a business coach can help you succeed, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members.