It’s a fact: happy employees are productive employees. But after working long hours day after day, office morale can begin to dwindle. Fortunately, boosting office morale and igniting that fire within your employees is easier than you think. By taking these tips into consideration, you can boost office morale and make your business’s work environment happier and more productive.

1. Show You Care About Your Employees

It can be easy for employees to feel like they’re underappreciated at times — especially when they work within a large company. Small acts that remind your employees you care about them can go a long way in boosting morale. Start by remembering and recognizing every employee’s birthday. They will appreciate the thoughtful action.

2. Celebrate Accomplishments

As a business owner or manager, it can be easy to focus on the future and forging ahead while forgetting what your team has already accomplished. When you celebrating your employee’s accomplishments, however, you can them appreciate how much they have achieved. And in return, they’ll likely feel more appreciated by you. Let’s face it — we all want to feel appreciated for the hard work we put in.

3. Mix Things Up Around the Office

Customary routines coupled with being cooped up in a cubicle all day can be morale killers for employees. But sometimes, boosting morale is as easy as mixing things up a little. This can be something as simple as switching the usual company meeting from the conference room to an outside patio on a nice day.

4. Promote Employees From Within

When employees see there is room for them to advance their career within the company, they work harder and are happier to do so. Instead of looking outward to fill positions, build the strongest team you can with the employees you have right now. Companies who work with their employees to hone and expand their skills benefit by creating a team of highly skilled individuals who are happier, too.

5. Hire a Business Coach

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes — especially when it comes to the success of your business. If you’re trying to boost morale in the office, hiring an experienced business coach can help. A business coach will do more than get you and your employees fired up — they will help your business succeed through personalized strategies, tools and guidance.

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