7 Coaching Facts - Why Having a Coach is so Important to Your Business7 Coaching facts that may help you know why having a coach is so important to your business. Face it; the most successful people in any area of life have a coach. Athletes aren’t the only ones, they just know they need someone teaching, pushing and holding them accountable. Don’t you need the same thing in your business or life? Of course you do! So here are some facts about coaching for your business.

A business coach is someone you hire to improve all areas of your business from sales and marketing to goal setting and follow through. A coach will help you come up with a plan and then help you achieve it. So why is a coach so important? Well a 2010 survey conducted by the International Coach Federation showed that 62.4% of people coached had improved goal-setting; 60.5% reported a more balanced life; 57.1% reduced stress levels; 52.4% had more self-confidence; 43.3% felt coaching improved quality of life; and 25.7% reported an increase in income.

Let’s just look at those areas of percentages. Improved goal setting means you can set more reasonable and achievable goals. A coach will help you set specific goals, not just “I want higher sales” kinds of goals. How many sales do you need? Why and how will you get there? The why is as important as the how. Why you want the goal will help you stay on track to achieving it.

Increased income is something that everyone wants, or says they want. Do you do what you need to do to increase income for your business? Do you even know what you need to do to increase your income? It’s not always working harder; sometimes it’s all about working smarter. A coach will have the insight to be able to tell you where you are spinning your wheels and what you could do to get better traction.

Balance, less stress and improved quality are not just business improvements, they are life improvements. How is your life better if all your time is spent on your business? I bet that means more stress and less quality. No family or down time can actually harm your health. Having a coach will help you see that taking the time to recharge your batteries with better balance will help you have a better quality of life and less stress.

Having a business coach shouldn’t be a “well maybe when I am doing better in business” afterthought. Hiring a coach will be how you do better in business. Make it a priority on your balance sheet.

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