Even if you do everything right on the path to success, that does not mean you are not doing some things wrong. While that is not a bad thing, even little mistakes can make a massive difference. Turn yourself around today with these seven small changes that can lead to significant success.

1. Don’t try to do it all.

It’s a common pitfall to want to be a master of everything. That can easily backfire, and you may end up spreading yourself too thin. Follow this advice so you do not end up a master of nothing.

2. Never try to put off self-improvement.

Forbes says that people often put off self improvement, as they fear selfishness. In reality, self improvement helps everyone.

3. Always surprise people.

Give yourself a reputation for big results and always over deliver. Here is what Time says about giving yourself a reputation as a doer.

4. Destroy negative thoughts.

Your thoughts play a big role in your action. As Inc.com suggests, low self-esteem and imagining the worst can result in disaster.

5. Treat everyone the same way.

Harvard Business Review emphasizes the importance of consistence.

6. Never overestimate your ability.

If you’re arrogant, people will assume you know everything and won’t try to help you

7. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

As we at ActionCOACH have said before, you may be great at your skill, but you still may need advice on running a business.