Novice business owners and enterprise experts know the value of quality tools. Fortunately, with today’s fast-paced stream of media, business men and women can easily access to the world’s best business advice and resources. Yet, siphoning through the ineffective applications and programs can take time. Here are just a few resources savvy entrepreneurs might want to have at their fingertips:

1. Start using Google analytics, if you aren’t already.

2. Same applies to LinkedIn.

3. Newbie business owners might benefit from a business plan outline tool, such as LivePlan.

4. Start reading and following influential blogs.

5. Try some DIY market research tools, such as Ask Your Target Market.

6.Small business owners might have small budgets, which makes freelancer sourcing sites such as Upwork an excellent resource.

7. Quickly manage signatures and paperwork with e-sign software.

8. Of course, small business owners can always benefit from knowledge of an expert business coach. Contact ActionCOACH Tampa Bay today.