The word average speaks to common, mundane, and ordinary. Average is “just getting by.” The problem with the word average is that it accepts results far below what is possible. Average resigns itself to half-hearted performance and uninspired work ethic.

The good news is it does not take much to move from average to extraordinary. Elon Musk once said, “I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

As a CEO, the first step from moving from average to extraordinary is simply making the decision to do so. It is resolving that you want more for yourself, your staff, and your business.

Once you make that decision, a world of possibilities opens up to you for improvement and massive growth. To assess where you rate as a CEO, look at the list below and see which column you tend to favor.


– Hire fast, fire slow
– 80% of time fight fires
– Reads 1 book per quarter
– Working in business
– Treats employees as inferior
– Motivates with fear
– Blames colleagues and staff
– Works 24/7
– Indecisive and passive
– Unwilling to change
– Overpromises and underdelivers
– Uninspired
– Insecurity covered by false confidence
– Stubbornly holds on to past
– Hires based on interview and resume
– Starts day with low-level tasks
– Being an operator
– Bookkeeping for taxes
– Shotgun marketing
– Prospecting for new clients


– Hire slow, fire fast
– 80% of time build efficiency
– Read 1 book per 2 weeks
– Working on business
– Treats employees with respect
– Motivates with vision
– Accepts full responsibility
– Values work/life balance
– Makes decisions early, fast, and with great conviction
– Proactively adapts
– Reliably produces results
– Passionate
– Self-confidence tempered with vulnerability
– Connected with the current culture
– Hires based on skills and characteristics
– Starts day with most important task
– Being an owner
– Forecasting for profit
– Sniper marketing
– Nurturing existing clients

After viewing your results, determine which areas you would like to move from the average column to the extraordinary column. Pick your top 3-5 and create an action plan to start transforming these behaviors from average to extraordinary.

Making these simple changes will ignite a significant transformation in your leadership style and organization as a whole.

As Elon Musk stated, people aren’t simply born extraordinary. Rather, they make the choice to become extraordinary. Which will you choose?

How an ActionCOACH Can Help

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Working with an ActionCOACH is about so much more than just performance. It’s about strategizing to build up the business you love and live the lifestyle of your dreams.