Barb Kyes, President of Palm Harbor’s ActionCOACH Firm, Nominated for Distinguished Business Woman of the Year

Tampa, FL, February 21, 2010 –(– Barb Kyes, president and managing partner at ActionCOACH Pinellas, has been nominated for the prestigious “Business Woman of the Year” award offered annually by the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Women of Distinction Awards” program.

The winner of the award, which honors a business woman who has made a lasting and positive contribution to Pinellas County, will be announced during the Chamber’s Women’s Symposium on March 26, 2010.

ActionCOACH Pinellas is a nationally recognized within the ActionCOACH global franchise due to its award-winning coaches who are honored year after year. In 2008, Kyes received the “Action Man of the Year” award from ActionCOACH in for her successful application of endorsed ActionCOACH systems principles in her own firm, and she encourages her coaching clients to follow her example in their own business operations.

Kyes has also been honored by several non-profit organizations. In 1998, she received the “Victory over Violence” from CASA and has been a keynote and inspirational speaker at a number of charity and community events.

From Obstacles to Opportunities

Kyes’ leadership began to develop from an early age due to her personal drive for excellence combined with her innate desire to care for others. A series of obstacles, including her divorce early in life, would soon turn the page to a new chapter.

“Sometimes circumstances in our lives arrive as obstacles that later become great opportunities for learning and growing,” Kyes said.

While she may not have known it at the time, her divorce, coupled with unemployment as a single mom, was the catalyst for a series of life-changing transitions. After researching her options, Kyes became a registered nurse and soon began her successful 15-year career in the medical field.

During this time, Kyes continued to develop her love of learning and her passion to help others. From speaking engagements to open heart surgery aftercare, if Kyes had the opportunity to extend her education then she was quick to take full advantage. And, as she acquired her knowledge she was eager to apply it. Before long, she hit the streets to help mentally ill, homeless people obtain medical and psychiatric treatment.

“When others gave up, I poured all I had into people who wanted to change and had a vision,” Kyes said.

Family Principles at  ActionCOACH Pinellas

The joy that Kyes found in helping others achieve their vision proved invaluable. In 2007, Kyes co-founded ActionCOACH Pinellas, where she could help business owners achieve their vision for their companies.

Kyes successfully incorporated the nurturing and caring traits that once made her a great nurse into her career today as a business coach and executive leader. Now, instead of diagnosing and treating patients, she is assessing companies and coaching corporate leaders.

Kyes still leads ActionCOACH Pinellas with the same principle of family on which the company was founded in 2007. Kyes lovingly refers to the founders–herself, her husband and her daughter–as “the Kyes Family Trio.”

“Our family has always viewed itself as a team,” Kyes said. “Currently, our company structure is based on the same premise; the partners collaborate to make decisions.”

As a strong entrepreneurial leader, Kyes’s overall experience includes a myriad of business endeavors that she now shares with her clients. A self-starter by nature, Kyes launched and operated several small businesses and worked with non-profit organizations to grow profit and develop successful programs throughout her career.

Kyes’ charitable and local involvement allows her to continue giving back to the community she loves. Recently, she initiated her own support campaign for earthquake relief in Haiti on LinkedIn. Her extensive involvement with both the St. Petersburg and Palm Harbor Chambers of Commerce includes leadership through educational program development, strategic planning and one-to-one coaching.

Kyes gives simple advice to anyone seeking guidance in a similar career. “Take advantage of life-changing educational opportunities–inspirational, academic and self exploratory,” she said.

Today, as president and managing partner of ActionCOACH Pinellas, Kyes continues to live out her dream of helping business owners maximize their potential and bring their vision to life through these techniques.

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Relying on proven tactics and existing strategies to maximize individual potential, ActionCOACH relies on a multifaceted framework for efficiency and profit by fusing powerful marketing, business and team building strategies that can result in dramatic improvements in revenue. The diverse team of certified business coaches at ActionCOACH Pinellas has been in mentoring and leadership positions for over a combined 55 years. The Pinellas Firm founders, Ford and Barb Kyes, have always been passionate about serving their community through their careers in health care and volunteer leadership work in numerous non-profit, civic and professional organizations. For more information, visit


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