This month Ford reviews 101 Ways To Promote Yourself By: Raleigh Pinskey

You may have the most outstanding business, product, idea or talent in the world, but in order to be successful, you have to let the world know about it. Raleigh Pinskey offers you a crash course on how to get the attention you need. 101 Ways to Promote Yourself reveals the insider secrets learned from years of experience and how these low-cost, high-powered techniques can carry you to the top of your market and beyond.

Raleigh illustrates throughout this book that “Every minute you’re not engaging in visibility marketing you may be losing out to your competition…”

This book is a quick and easy guide to the basics of Guerrilla Marketing that will give you some in-depth ways to execute many of the things we discuss around the the 5 ways in your coaching sessions.

Key Takeaways: 

Your Mission or Vision Statement

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a plan for companies and people to accomplish the goals they set.

It can be a slate of objectives, an environmental policy, an operating policy, or a basic business philosophy.

A mission statement creates a frame of reference, criteria, guidelines with which to govern.

Why is this a good marketing tool?

Because it cements the relationship between you and whomever you’re doing business with.


Create a Contest

What if I want a contest that will give me a long-term imprint in my target market?

Judges were recruited from the media and government. Members from every service club – from the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Police Athletic League


Write a Book

What is the internet route?

It’s a service product called the Writer’s Web. You submit the information product (book, manual, report, etc.) that you want to sell, and the folks at EDI technologies, Inc. (EDIT for short) will put a portion of it up on the World Wide Web.


Camera Opportunities

“You ought to be in pictures…” 

What is a camera opportunity?

A camera opportunity alerts the media that if and when they come to your event, you will have interesting, exciting, entertaining, amusing, unique, or rare opportunities to get great still and moving pictures.

  •       Of course if you tell them this, you’d better deliver.
  •       Some people still call this a photo opportunity, but with today’s multiple technologies, the appropriate term is camera opportunity. A photo opportunity is for still cameras. We don’t want to alienate the electronic media, now do we?


Host Your Own Radio Show

“There’s no business like show business”

One network radio you have to be a big shot in the industry or have paid your dues for many years. But there is another way you can have you own show, and it’s not pirate radio. Buy your own airtime. There are many stations on AM and FM that sell time to anyone who clears the FCC regulations.

Call each of the stations and ask if they sell airtime. Be certain they understand that you don’t want to buy ad time.

Is it expensive?

Not as expensive as you think. Prices will vary depending on which market and which time slot you want to look.

Other BFO’s:

Fun ideas for promotions to spice up a very usual day:

  • Give out free samples from a bakery; serve tea and coffee
  • Create a “first annual” anything
  • Create a “one time only”
  • Go for a Guinness Book of World Records record
  • Celebrate your birthday or anniversary
  • Think seasonal in season
  • Celebrate newborn babies, newlyweds, home buyers
  • Give a gift with purchase
  • Give phone cards
  • Have a free trial
  • Hold a preview of seasonal or incoming merchandise
  • Have an all-you-can-carry day
  • Have a food campaign or an old clothing day
  • Have a private letter sale
  • Have an after-hours sale
  • Do a truckload sale
  • Develop a product-of-the-month club
  • Conduct a raffle
  • Utilize point-of-purchase displays.

Grab a copy of 101 Ways To Promote Yourself it’s a resource you’ll pick up weekly to refer back to for inspiration!

About Ford Kyes

As a corporate business leader, Ford gained valuable coaching experience by mentoring graduate students in hospital management and MBA programs for five different universities. He continues to work through the chambers of commerce to share his knowledge and experience with other business professionals, and lends his expertise to many nonprofit organizations on a volunteer basis. Ford Kyes, founding partner, has proven himself to be a dynamic and inspirational business leader by achieving outstanding success for both large and small companies throughout his career. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master’s program in management, Kyes is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential by passing on his own business knowledge.