business-coaching-5-questions-to-ask-yourselfAs business coaches, we maintain that personal goals and business goals are interlinked.  We need to dig into your personal goals so that we can adequately help you meet your business goals.

Sometimes you may find yourself unable to get out of a mess or unable to answer your questions for yourself, because you aren’t asking the right ones. Here are five simple questions for a person to ask themselves when it comes to the business world.

What motivates you in life right now?

Why do you wake up every morning? What do you get out of bed for? Do you “love” your job, or is it maybe because of your spouse or children? What makes your life worth living for today?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, there may be very little reason to get up and going every morning. A similar question which could shed more light would be, “What are you grateful for?”

What is currently preventing you from reaching this goal?

You may know where you want to be a month, a year, five years from now. But what is keeping you from reaching those goals? You might have set a goal, and didn’t reach it, and are becoming frustrated and are setting the same goals over and over again.

One of the wrong questions is whether you have enough willpower. You can accomplish any real goal you set for yourself.

What are you tolerating right now in your business and personal life?

This includes anything you “put up with”, things that zap your daily energy level, and the compromises you’ve made yourself take. There are only two motivations in life, pleasure and pain. What in your life is causing you pain right now?

Make a list and develop a plan of eliminating each thing you are tolerating from your life.

What are you willing to do in the next 30 days?

Instead of simply giving people a plan, ask yourself what you are willing to do. Then, develop a plan from there. What’s the point of a step-by-step system if you aren’t willing to do 50% of the steps? It doesn’t work; could you imagine baking a cake with only 50% of the steps? You won’t have a cake, you will have a mess.

There are tons of ways to succeed online. In fact, most marketers go into overload with the amount of information available online. Lots of techniques work; the question is, which techniques will you work?

You won’t change anything doing what you are currently doing. What actions are you going to do in the next 30 days to change the ways you are trying to reach your goal?

Where are your customers currently buying products similar to yours?

This is an important business coaching question. Instead of focusing on all of the internet and marketing techniques available, spend some time figuring out how to reach the perfect client. Describe them to yourself; who they are, where you can find them, how to reach them.

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