Business coaching at 35,000 feetRhonda Abrams who frequently writes for USA Today recently took a flight of a lifetime.  Virgin Airways had a contest for entrepreneurs.  The basic idea was to load over 250 entntrepreneurs on a plane for seven hours and see what happens.  Rhonda said that for the full seven hours of the flight, she did nothing but coach entrepreneurs and offer business coaching advise.

She also learned a few things herself.  This is her list:

1. Seize opportunities. The winners of this trip saw an opportunity in the British Airways contest, and they pounced on it.

2. Believe in yourself. I’m sure some entrepreneurs considered entering the contest then decided they weren’t good enough. We never got the chance to see them.

3. Make the most of the opportunities you get. The winning entrepreneurs typically made many appointments at their destinations — often even extending their trips to other locations.

4. Be fierce. Learn from Marx-she wanted a meeting with Harrod’s. She was absolutely, positively determined to get the meeting she wanted, and she exploited every avenue she could possibly think of.

5. Toot your own horn. Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re a winner.

6. Be open. These entrepreneurs were like sponges — wanting to soak up every bit of knowledge they could find.

7. Share. The program was great in part because the entrepreneurs shared their knowledge, resources and ideas.

8. Take advantage of Champagne. The Champagne kept flowing throughout the flight, keeping everyone loose and happy. (Don’t drink alcohol? How about some ginger ale to keep you bubbly?)

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