Business Coaching: Invest in ActionCoach and Enjoy Great ReturnsThis press release shows how well your business can grow when you hire an ActionCOACH Business Coach. Don’t let your business halt to a growth stop, hire a business coach to help yourself, your employees and your company grow to heights bigger than your expectations!

For nearly 20 years, ActionCOACH Business Coaches have been teaching businesses how to be profitable and business owners how to find more time in their lives. There have been many studies showing that the coaching process works and the most recent offers powerful evidence of the impact of business coaching.

A recent study has shown that businesses that work with an ActionCOACH Business Coach had grown their revenues, despite the recession, by more than $12 million in South Florida. Those same businesses had also grown their profits by more than $4.3 million, for average increases of 79 percent for revenues and 106 percent for profits. All in all, those businesses saw a return on investment of $7.5 for every dollar they spent.

ActionCOACH CEO Jodie Shaw was happy with the results of the study, but hardly surprised.

“We know that business coaching works, and more importantly, our clients know that it works. They see it in their ledgers and in the quality of their lives,” Shaw said. “But the fact that businesses have grown so rapidly with coaching is just more proof that, no matter what the economy is like, working with an ActionCOACH Business Coach delivers outstanding return on investment.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s leader in business and executive coaching. ActionCOACH Founder, Chairman and President Brad Sugars started the company in 1993 and began franchising in 1997. Since then, the company has led an industry that is recognized as the second fastest growing business category behind Information Technology.

“Our systems, and our coaches, are the best in the world so we expect to get outstanding results from people that are committed to following our methodology and willing to be accountable. This study shows how much can be accomplished when people are committed and how much we, both individually, and as a franchise, can accomplish,” Shaw said.

ActionCOACH offers business owners a proven and guaranteed system of business building that focuses first on growth in cashflow and profits, as well as systemized ways to retain customers and generate qualified new leads for any business in any business category.

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