business-coaching-tips-for-successful-business-coaching“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is a game about how people interact and negotiate, and one very simple approach succeeded more than any other. “Tit for Tat” has been tested over time and has consistently produced top results.

There are two main rules. When in interaction with a person, always start positive and then reciprocate how they behave back to you. That is, if they’re positive to you, be positive back, and vice versa with negativity. However, you may break the “spiral” of negativity with a positive comment to try to get back on a positive interaction track, but even after continue to follow the reciprocation rule.

The chances of cooperation are increased if:

– The participants are interested in working together in the future
– Participants have a lot to lose if they don’t work together
– There is a “caring” culture of participants
– People recognize and respond quickly; people are aware and don’t fudge it. If your partner does something unhelpful, react to it!

The chances of cooperation are reduced if:

– You are envious. You won’t start positive and reciprocate positive behavior.
– You are the first to be unhelpful. You could very well start an “unhelpfulness” spiral, which is not a good thing!
– You are too clever. Trying to be too smart will cause people to be unable to understand you. Just be calm and yourself.

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