Businesses want to find ways to increase sales, so they naturally look for marketing and selling tips. Rather than looking for new ways to accomplish their goals, managers should occasionally evaluate their behavior to see if any internal roadblocks exist. To begin, look for the following business management tactics that inhibit sales to see how you can make selling simpler and easier for your company.

Mischaracterization of Assignments

In business, someone always has to do the dirty work. When the time comes to hand out an undesirable assignment, avoid the temptation to portray a lousy task as an opportunity. Instead, take a pragmatic approach and do not try to hide the truth. Staff will usually appreciate your honesty get the tough jobs done. Remember to reward these individuals by ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. Dishonesty poisons your workforce and can cause employees to conserve their energy for another day or another employer.

Not Taking Responsibility

Managers should set the example by taking responsibility for the team’s failures as well as their successes. When teams see integrity in their leadership, they will work harder and longer to achieve success.  

Making Vague Promises

Employees want to see rewards for their labors, so they naturally expect compensation, perks or other benefits when they have performed well. Sometimes a company either cannot or will not pay more, so you feel the need to keep your team believing. Rather than moving goal posts or holding the carrot just out of reach, focus on creating a rewarding, collaborative environment, so your team stays with you because they like their job, not because you have teased them with false hopes. Better yet, do not make promises you cannot fulfill.

Using Intimidation for Retention

Weak managers use threats of unemployment, looming economic problems and bleak job prospects to reduce employee turnover. Rather than use fear to keep your employees on board, work on fostering an environment where employees want to stay. This can involve a constant reevaluation of employee goals and skill sets to ensure appropriate allocation of resources and accompanying job satisfaction.

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