Growing your company doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. While you’re working hard to kickstart your dream and establish a business plan, here are some excellent ways to boost your bottom line without spending too much.

Create eye-catching business cards.

Stand out from the crowd and do something different with your business cards. Vistaprint has tons of wallet-friendly options to help you showcase your startup.

Make an engaging online presence.

Engage everyone who visits your website by creating an effective landing page. These days, many customers and clients happen upon your business through search engines and online platforms so it’s essential you give them a professional and warm digital welcome.

Establish an e-mail campaign.

Use a newsletter service to reach out to your leads.  Keep your customers coming back and let potential customers stay informed on your business developments and achievements.

Leave reviews for other local businesses.

Head to Facebook and leave positive reviews for other local businesses. They’ll be honored that you noticed them and will be more likely to give your business the same kind of support in the future.

Send business books to leads.

Buy some well-reviewed and relevant business books on Amazon, and send them to your leads. Add a handwritten note inside the cover to let your prospects know why you thought they’d be interested in the topic.

Join the Periscope rising.

Many businesses are finding followers by regularly broadcasting valuable video content to the popular social platform, Periscope. It’s free to join and is a great way to give others an inside look on the ins and outs of your business.

Drive web traffic using pop-up ads.

Create a pop-up for your website that collects leads in exchange for a free PDF resource for your customers. There’s tons of evidence showing pop-up ads help increase online conversations and ultimately boost business.

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