Executive Business Coach Barbara KyesBarbara Kyes, managing partner and certified BusinessCOACH for ActionCOACH Pinellas Firm has been featured in this month’s Forbes magazine.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

In her former role as a medical practitioner, Barbara demonstrated her empathy for others and a knack for delivering unvarnished but critical truths. This made her a natural at business coaching. After years of running small businesses and yearning for greater opportunities, Barbara and her husband established ActionCOACH’s Pinellas Firm in 2007. Soon after, they hired their daughter, who recently completed her coaching certification.

Like her fellow coaches, Barbara helps clients break through to business success using ActionCOACH’s signature approach. Affectionately referred to by clients as the “Five Ways,” it fuses powerful marketing, sales, business and team-building strategies, and shows clients how to best channel their resources. Its impact is immediate and dramatic. Within a single year of coaching, ActionCOACH’s clients see their business income grow by at least 61 percent and, quite often, far more.

Early in her ActionCOACH career, Barbara earned an Action Systems Award
for her work on ActionCOACH Pinellas’s business model. In 2010, Barbara was
a finalist for Business Woman of the Year (Tampa Bay Business Journal) and the
St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce’s Business Woman of the Year.
“Women must realize they have the potential to achieve big things and
not be afraid to take that first step toward their dream. It requires a lot of
determination and ‘stick-to-it-ness,’ because it’s not easy. The key to business
success is a championship mindset.”

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