Holiday gifts are an important gesture for acknowledging your colleagues. Yet, choosing one can be difficult when it comes to the person who seems to have everything. As challenging as it may seem to find this individual a meaningful gift, worry no more. By catering to their interests, there are a number of options to consider such as consumables, concert tickets and charitable causes. Here are five great gift ideas for your most hard-to-please co-workers this season.

Food and Beverage Gifts

Although food and beverages may seem simple, this route of gifting offers a broad scope of gift ideas. A bottle of wine, a selection of gourmet coffees or a basket of exotic fruits may be perfect for conveying how much you appreciate a business relationship. A gift card to their favorite restaurant is another outstanding option, and one your recipient can enjoy at their leisure.

Event Tickets

Your colleague may be a huge fan of a professional or college sports team. They might love theater events, music or movies. As you identify a particular interest, look for corresponding event tickets that will make for a memorable evening or fun-filled season.


In a world that operates more digitally by the day, a subscription to an online magazine or service may make for a great gift. However, print magazines such as Time or National Geographic are also staples to consider. Whether print or digital, hone in on an interest to ensure that your selection will be a smile-worthy subscription.

Support a Charitable Cause

A philanthropic individual may be truly touched by a contribution in their name. You might consider non-profit organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, American Red Cross or the Humane Society. You may also want to consider a gift that supports charitable efforts such as a pair of shoes or a bag from a company like TOMS.

The Gift of Commemoration

Your colleague might appreciate a gift that commemorates a world event or significant sports moment. Additionally, you might choose a customized gift that memorializes a milestone business achievement. A commemorative gift can be either simple or elegant depending on your gift-giving parameters.

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