Everyone’s management style is different, and you may rally and support your team using very different strategies than someone else. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, it is important to try and blend your management style with tried-and-true techniques. Truly dynamic sales managers all share five habits you should try to adopt.

They Toss Metrics

Some employees are motivated by the numbers. Others are not. A good sales manager understands that the relentless measuring of metrics only accomplishes so much. Good sales managers focus more on the people than the numbers, finding a variety of ways to motivate everyone on their team.

They Have Patience

Assembling a successful sales team is no easy task, and it is an impossible one if you settle for underachievers during the hiring process. Stellar sales managers know what they want and they are willing to wait for it. While this costs more upfront, it saves you the time, hassle and money involved in trying to train and change someone who lacks ambition.

They Do Not Over Process

Of course, your company has guidelines in place about which customers to approach, when to approach them and how to pitch the sale. These things matter, but do not get so caught up in the process that you handcuff your team. The best salespeople are those who think creatively on-the-fly and figure out what it takes to close the sale at the moment.

They Have Superb Conflict Resolution Skills

Salespeople are competitive in nature. It is what drives them to be good at what they do and sometimes drives interoffice conflicts. Great sales managers understand this, see it coming and resolve the issue before things get ugly.

They Protect Their Team

It is easy for a salesperson’s time to get gobbled up by administrative tasks or issues in other departments that can affect sales. It is your job as the sales team manager to protect them and make sure this does not happen. You need to make sure your team spends as much time as possible in direct communication with customers closing sales. If other activities or departments even think about encroaching on that time, you need to fight against it as quickly as possible.

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