Google CEO: Everybody needs a coach. Everybody. Even Google CEO, Eric Schmidt knows that. Athletes and performers, famous or otherwise, have coaches. Watch the TV show “The Voice” and see that premise in action. Singers who improve week by week by listening to their coach, and guest coaches. People who give them perspective. People who help them see themselves as others see them. A coach is necessary for success, period.

A business coach is a person that can help you with your business. They help you see how your practices and habits affect your bottom line and then help you move forward. Do you know what your goals are? Do you know how to achieve them if you have them? Can you see the best way to do so without a coach? Your coach will help you see ways to achieve them that you might not, and will make you do things that you know you should, but don’t because they aren’t the “fun” part of your business.

Coaches also do things like improve skills. Professional athletes are at the top of their profession, yet they still need a coach. Everyone has areas where they can and should improve. Do you know yours? Your coach will find out where you need the most coaching, where you need improvement and then help you get there. Are you good at client development? That’s an important area for any business. Your coach will help you with hard management areas like delegating responsibility or dealing with employee issues. Your coach will focus on you and your business by listening and asking questions. He or she may help you think of a goal that you hadn’t considered, or thought was too challenging, then help you map the path to get there.

The most important thing your coach will do is hold you accountable. Accountability is extremely important because human nature will let us put off doing the things we don’t like doing. Your coach will make you do them by reinforcing the reasons why you need to do them – your need for success.

Everybody needs a coach. Just ask Google CEO Eric Schmidt, he’ll tell you!

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