Brad Sugars founded ActionCOACH and poses this questions, “Have you accomplished everything you planned to over the last 3 months?”  I’m quite confident you would say you didn’t.  That something happened to knock you off course towards one or more of your goals. You have all sorts of reasons. The economy got bad, team members didn’t perform, you were sick or injured. Whatever it is, something happened to cause you to not accomplish what you set out to do.

As a coach, I would have to take exception and tell you that you did meet your plans.  The problem is, once an obstacle occurred, you changed the goal instead of changing the plan of how to get to your goal.  Did you really WANT to meet your goal? Did you really PLAN to meet your goal or were you going to meet your goal only if everything went as planned?

Say, for example, your plan is to drive to Myrtle Beach for a week of vacation. As you start out on your trip, you find out a key road is closed.

Do you turn around and head home? Why of course not. You find a detour, another route to your destination. Yes, it’s inconvenent and may cause you a couple hours delay, but you make the sacrifice. The week vacation goal is too important. Now let’s say, for example, on your way to the beach you find out that a hurricane is forecasted to hit the coast.

What do you do now? In this case, you probably will plan to turn around and head home.


The goal of going to the beach for vacation is not as big a goal as keeping your family safe.

That’s OK.

You took ownership and responsibility for the results you wanted to achieve. You consciously changed your plans and goals. You no longer planned to go to the beach. Unfortunately most plans are not changed for a bigger goal. Instead when circumstances happen requiring us to make changes, we negotiate with ourselves by using excuses and reasons to justify not accomplishing the BIG goals we have in our business and life.

Remember: successful people focus on the results. Unsuccessful people focus on the process. Make this a successful month.

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