As a boss or leader of a business, there are many different strategies for motivating employees. Many bosses adhere to Machiavelli’s strict dichotomy of either being loved or feared, but neither of those polar approaches get it quite right. The best way to lead employees in the right direction is to maintain a professional air while showing them you truly care about them not only as coworkers but also as people. Here are some simple and proven steps Tampa Bay area business leaders can take to be a better boss and set the stage for a thriving business.

Curiosity Counts

Part of your task as a boss is to cultivate a positive atmosphere around the workplace by making employees feel as though they are valued. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask aboutwithout prying intotheir personal lives. Ask about significant others and make sure that they are invited to all office events and outings. Make meaningful small talk about vacations, hobbies and other post-work activities. These simple strategies help employees view the workplace as a friendly, compassionate zone.

Set Yourself Apart from Other Companies

Employee perks are an important part of the overall office experience, and are certainly appreciated even if they are not expensive or incredibly thoughtful. The mere fact that you took the time to brainstorm and implement a perk system shows your employees they are more than interchangeable pieces in your eyes. Even taking small office trips or hosting events outside the workplace walls helps show your staff you care about what they think of the company.

Keep It Real: Be Transparent and Available

One of the compassionate things a boss can do is make him or herself accessible to questions and concerns from employees. Transparency, honesty and openness foster a workplace culture where employees aren’t afraid to express their own opinions and ask for your thoughts in turn. A policy of holding regular conversations with various members of your staff is sure to create the impression that your door is always open.

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