Finding and keeping industry talent can seem challenging, especially for CEOs who must juggle all aspects of overseeing a company. Employees at all levels can provide valuable insight into how to improve processes and workplace cohesion, so you can encourage input by listening and demonstrating interest. When you can, give these men and women what they request. When you cannot, explain why and try to come up with a compromise. There are, of course, some techniques that are universal.

Care About Balance

Create a corporate culture that truly embraces flexibility and encourages work-life balance. Remember, actions speak louder than words, so merely giving lip service to the value of work-life balance does not work. You must actively support families and give employees the freedom to pursue passions outside of work. For instance, try offering men maternity leave as well as women, allowing parents to make up time later when dealing with a sick child and scheduling company retreats or training during the workweek, so it does not interfere with weekend and holiday plans.

Never See Location as a Limitation

All-star employees do not always live nearby. Companies that are interested in talent living on the other side of the country might have to pay relocation costs. Give your HR Department and recruiters the freedom to hammer out relocation deals within a certain set of parameters. If you simply do not have the resources to supply relocation reimbursement, consider allowing the person to work from home. Telecommuting is easier than ever with modern technology.

Focus on Results, Not Processes

Want to keep your top talent happy? Give them the freedom to utilize their skill set. Stop micromanaging and worrying about whether or not Form 10-b was filled out in triplicate. Processes are important as are legal and ethical concerns, but unleashing your employees whenever possible will make them feel trusted and valued, and their boosted work ethic will benefit the company, too. Do not invest in top talent and chain it down.

Only Invest in the Best

The final piece of the puzzle is to grab talent when you find it. Your HR department should not have to wait for new job openings to hire. Give them the freedom to bring in top talent when they see it, so the company does not miss out. Know what you want and keep looking until you find the candidate who has it.

Smart CEOs Contact ActionCOACH

As the CEO, the example you set and philosophy you work by trickles down throughout your company culture. A business coach can help you put this concept into practice. Call one today if you are ready to actively promote an environment that attracts and keeps top talent. ActionCOACH will help you make sure you and your management team are promoting talent-attracting practices.