Whether there’s a new manager in town or your company went through a recent merger, culture change in the workplace can throw a wrench into everyone’s work approach. Change is hard, especially for those loyal to certain ideas. If your company is going through an overhaul, here are a few websites with tips to help you manage the culture shock and adjust to changes in the workplace.

Employees will often feel more comfortable with change if they are part of the process. To ensure the smoothest transition, get your employees’ input. This will help them feel involved and ensure that changes build off the company’s strengths and improve on the weaknesses.

Know what makes up your company’s culture and identify how the changes might affect you and your employees.

Many employees feel a sense of loyalty to the company they work for. Too many changes without enough reason or reward can be intimidating. Help your employees feel valued by giving them opportunities for advancement and recognition.

Persuading influential employees to accept change will help build support and convert other employees more naturally. Keep your tactics transparent to gain trust and don’t worry about trying to convince everyone all at once.

Work with a business coach who can help during this process, giving you advice and guidance as your company undergoes vital culture change. A coach can help you be a leader in your business and keep you on the right track.