A positive environment plays a huge role in workforce productivity. It reinforces creativity among employees, enabling them to cook up new ideas, and allows efficient execution of tasks. Imagine you work in an office with considerable noise pollution, grumbling coworkers, oppressive team leaders and a cluttered space. Would you get everything done without burning yourself out? It’s not likely. Here are some steps to take to cultivate optimism and positivity.

Hire the Right People

Hiring people who exude a positive attitude helps create a happier work environment. You can observe this quality by looking at how they present themselves, including their body language, and how they answer questions, especially tough ones. Don’t just hire people with the right track record or experience. They may look like the best candidates on paper, but if they do not exude optimism they might hurt the positive culture you are trying to develop.  

Shake Off the Routine

It can be extremely stressful and depressing for your employees to sit behind a desk, stare at the computer for eight hours a day, go home and repeat it the following day. Try to do something spontaneous at least once a month like ordering pizza for the entire team or arranging a group outing. Adult field trips might seem frivolous, but they can truly help your workforce decompress and press the mental “restart” button. Activities that embrace camaraderie and adventure can dramatically heighten employee motivation.

Get Involved in the Community

Give back to your local community or support a cause. Whatever you do, involve your employees. This fosters spiritual growth among employees and helps them feel connected to a greater cause. Conduct a poll to find out what your employees want to do for the community or who they want to support.

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