Mentoring is one of the best means of learning the ropes and advancing in your career. A mentor can provide you with valuable strategies for growing in your career. Even so, some workplaces do not provide employees with mentoring programs making it a challenge for the employees to find mentors. Nevertheless, there are many mentors out there; you just need to know where to look.

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Although it may seem like a good idea to ask your boss or senior colleague to be your mentor, this is not always the best idea. Consider looking outside your workplace or industry for a mentor because you need to discuss both challenges and career strategies with this person. Therefore, looking outside your office or industry might be a great idea.

Remember Your Alma Mater

Use social networking sites to connect with people from your old high school, university or grad school. Become a member of your university’s social networking group as a way to connect, then join in on discussions and comment on posts and articles. Introduce yourself to the group manager who might prove valuable in helping you find a mentor. Once you are familiar with group members, you may then let them know that you are looking for a mentor.

Make It a Family Affair

Relatives and friends can make great mentors because these are people you already trust. However, if you think that a friend or family member will provide unsolicited advice, then do not count on them for help. Nevertheless, ask them to introduce you to someone who would be an excellent mentor. A good word from a friend or relative could help open doors to a potential mentor.

Keep the Relationship Going

Once you have found your mentor, nurture great rapport with that person. Take charge of the relationship and be candid about your career goals. Be flexible with time to allow your mentor to make changes to meeting times or reschedule due to conflicts.

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