Barb Kyes, ActionCOACH Pinellas Executive Leader, Nominated for Iconic Women of St. Petersburg

The #1 Business Coaching Firm in the World, located in Pinellas County.

St. Petersburg, Fla. (February 17, 2012) – While people in business today may find business growth unusual, Barb Kyes, president and managing partner of ActionCOACH Pinellas reports that they had their best year in 2011. Their success has been a result of following what they teach their clients.  Barb has been nominated for this prestigious award that is being sponsored by Ceridian and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce to celebrate women with vision in the business and the non-profit community. As Barb was moving from Hillsborough County to St. Petersburg, she had the vision to attend the very first Entrepreneurial Academy that was offered by the St. Petersburg Chamber.  As a result of that connection when she arrived in the community, she already had a group of friends, chamber members and business owners to help guide her growth.  Her passion to have a” real” business someday has become a reality from a “dream” and now a “calling” for her.

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ActionCOACH Pinellas opened their doors in the fall of 2007 with the global franchise mission of business re-education.  The ActionCOACH franchise, originated by Brad Sugars 18 years ago has over 1000 offices worldwide creating jobs which are reflected in the economic growth of our ActionCOACH communities around the world.

A recent study with the Florida ActionCOACH coaches and the University of Miami, found that the companies engaged in ActionCOACH coaching had a return on their coaching investment of $10.80 for every dollar invested.  ActionCOACH is also the ONLY coaching company that offers a guarantee. You may read about the details at the following  hyperlink

At ActionCOACH Pinellas, Barb and Ford Kyes, the company’s founders, have built their company on a strong foundation of values.  They are very well connected in the St. Petersburg community and have invested immense hours providing volunteer service to the Tampa Bay community since they arrived in Florida in 1992.

Whether the prospective business is medium or large, the combined experience and talent of the ActionCOACH Pinellas team is tangible especially when you think about the “butterfly effect”. “Our success and rapid growth has been a result of following what we teach our clients.  And by the way, we have a coach that we have invested in who keeps us on target.  Without that outside eye and someone to run things past, we would not have had the success we have had in this economy.”  exclaimed  Barb Kyes

About ActionCOACH Pinellas

Relying on proven tactics and existing strategies to maximize individual potential, ActionCOACHuses a multifaceted framework for efficiency and profit by fusing powerful marketing, business and team building strategies that can result in dramatic improvements in revenue. The diverse team of certified business coaches at ActionCOACH Pinellas has been in mentoring and leadership positions for over a combined 55 years. The Pinellas Firm founders, Ford and Barb Kyes, have always been passionate about serving their community through their careers in health care and volunteer leadership work in numerous non-profit, civic and professional organizations. For more information, visit