As an executive coach, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my client’s business and brand.  I came across a podcast about Ideas about Personal Branding.  Here are a couple ideas that I would love to share.  Working with business organizations and individuals, (insurance agents, CPAs, Lawyers) we find out what really works to create a strong buzz and articulate brand.

Some ideas include:

  • Understanding the gap, pain, or need that is not being adequately supplied in the marketing place. Using the exercise of finding out what are the fears, risks, or common negative conditions of doing business in your industry (not necessarily with your business in particular) Great example: ER wait times or Dentist wait times….how do you build re-assurance and confidence around the things that are barriers to your business so you are the stand out provider that solves those concerns, risks, or fears.
  • Then it is all about how you communicate it. Use techniques like interviewing or surveying your current “A” clients (notice I didn’t say all clients- only IDEAL clients) to find out what they think is most important out of the benefits or solutions you have come up with. MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN! Write down the specific words they use. You might say Pet Sitting- they might say Dog Walking. This difference in language is CRUCIAL to reaching more people like them. It is all about getting out of your technical world of language and slogans…and into their consumer world, using their language and phrases.

In Abundance,

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