Sometimes, the things we learn as business coaches come from the oddest places.  This video is about how one guy’s quest for the perfect drumstick turned into a business that has lasted over forty-five years.  Vic Firth just wanted to create a better drumstick for his students and ended up growing his small business into an empire.  Who knew salt & pepper shakers could be made using the same technique as drumsticks.

To be successful, you really have to test your own limits.  Throughout the video, you will hear many of the same things management consultants tell their clients:

  • Entrepreneurs start businesses out of necessity
  • Never be satisfied with status quo
  • Always be your own unsatisfied customer
  • Do things just a bit better every time
  • Don’t put a cap on standards
  • Constantly modify and improve your product or service
  • If it ain’t broke, break it and build something better
  • Think outside the box, apply same process but make something else
  • If you have a dream or desire, GO FOR IT.  If you aim for the moon and make it halfway-you’re up there a good distance

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