Increasing Sales Your Way: Be UniqueIncreasing sales your way means finding what “your way” or being unique is. Sales is one of the hardest professions in the world. The most maligned too. If you follow the “experts” and their systems, you may find some success, but if you use your own uniqueness, you’ll find that your own selling proposition is what will work best for you. Your products will speak for themselves, but what will make the difference between you selling them or your competition selling them is how you make yourself stand out.

In sales, as in life, you need to be yourself. To make yourself shine against the competition, you need to show what separates you from them. Some people call it a “unique selling proposition” others establishing true rapport with your customer. Whatever you call it, you have to find it and own it. To make it successful, it must be unique, capture the interest of your prospective customers and make them excited enough to share it, and truly yours enough that others can’t take it and make it theirs. Even the most unique product has competition. You need to make sure to be unique so that it’s you that they remember, as well as your product.

So what makes you be unique? Is it you? Your looks or your personality? Is it a talent that you have that will make you be remembered? Is it what you are selling? If so, how does your product stand out from the competition? Is it your level of service or rewards program? Your freebies? Think it through and then think about how you can present it in a new and different way.

Basically one or more things should stand out. Your price, quality or service, how you deliver and service, how convenient you make it for your customers or the experience you provide them. One of them, some of them or all of them will set you apart and make you be unique.

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