When you choose to bring on a new team member, you are investing one of your most valuable resources: time. You are taking time out of your busy schedule to maximize the success of your new employee. But just like any other investment, you want to invest your time wisely. If you are unsuccessful at bringing on a new team member, then it will just mean failure for you and your new employee. If you are expanding your team, be sure to follow these tips for onboarding success.

1. Define Their Position

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed by how many people start a job without a clear idea of their role within the company. The first day you bring on a new employee, take some time to sit them down and explain their responsibilities. Let them know exactly what it is you expect of them and set daily goals.

This is also a great time to explain to them the “pecking order” in the company. Let them know exactly who is in charge of what and which people they will be reporting directly to.

2. Make Your Core Values Clear

Hopefully you’ve hired this person because they already share some of your core values. However, it’s important to let them know exactly what your business is about. Let them know what kind of attitude is expected of them and what image they should try to reflect.

This is especially important for any new hire that will be dealing directly with customers. You want this new person to be an extension of everything your company is and believes. Are you a super friendly family business? Maybe you expect them to be the epitome of professionalism. Whatever it is, make sure they get a feel for the company and its people.

3. Make Them Feel Welcomed

Above all else, make sure they feel welcome! You have chosen this person because you believed they would be a good fit and they are now apart of your team, it’s important to make them feel that way. The first day at any job can be intimidating. The best way to ensure their success with the company is to make them feel included and wanted right away. Take the time to introduce them to everyone and show them around. Let them take some time to really become a part of your team. The more at home your new employee feels, the harder they will work for you!

Build a Lasting Team

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