Mother’s Day is a perfect time to examine the powerful women in our lives and communities who value family and hard work. Right here in Tampa Bay, sisters Susan and Barbara McCarthy are shining examples of entrepreneurial women who have developed a highly successful business based on family and desire to give back to our community.
The McCarthy’s are proud owners of Sun Country Cleaners, a multi-million dollar dry cleaning business that was founded 30 years ago.
In April, the sisters celebrated a brand new achievement by cementing the purchase of seven more stores, thereby increasing their total enterprise to 28 stores in Pinellas County.
But this expansion is only one example of the McCarthy’s recent success. In March of 2010, they were honored as the winners of the North American Enterprising Women of the Year award for female entrepreneurs by the Enterprising Women Association. The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce also recognized each sister as a 2010 finalist for Business Women of the Year and Community Service Women of the Year.
The McCarthy sisters saw drastic improvements in their company’s success when they decided last year to employ a business coach from the local ActionCOACH Pinellas firm. Factors contributing to their increased revenue include their commitment to customer service, their same-day service, and free pick-up and delivery to any business in the community.
After 29 years of owning a successful business, we thought we knew everything there was to know about growing our company, said Susan McCarthy. “Working with ActionCOACH has opened our eyes to new techniques that have really contributed to the success of Sun Country Cleaners.  ActionCOACH has been the best investment we ever made in our business!”
The sisters have worked with their ActionCOACH, John Lankford, two-time winner of the Associate Coach of the Year award, to identify the key systems that needed to be documented and implemented to improve the company’s performance and service to customers.
As their coach, I can personally hold them accountable to plan their growth,” said Lankford. “That accountability is just one of the variables that have led Sun Country Cleaners to exceedingly outperform their competition locally.”
Barbara McCarthy sees the effect Lankford and the ActionCOACH model have already had on Sun Country Cleaners, and her hope is that it can continue to help the business grow.
“When we continue to expand, I know that ActionCOACH will be a huge part of that success,” she said.
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