Becoming a team leader and manager means you’ll be closer to your employees both literally and figuratively. How you manage your employees depends on how you view that closeness: does it make you feel more accessible to your employees or more exposed? Being in a position that puts you closer to your employees is beneficial to you and your company and it should be viewed as such. Here are some ways you can use that closeness to better manage employees in a small business.

Embrace the Advantages

A small business owner has the advantage of being more accessible to their employees and vice versa. This allows you to communicate better to them. As a result they will have a better understanding of the business’s mission statement, office policy, and the business’s future if it comes directly from you. This means that employees will have a stronger understanding of the big picture as opposed to just what’s going on in their department.

Make Your Business Approachable From Inside

Large businesses tend to have a chain of command that separates higher ups and entry levels employees. The higher ups communicate with the people in charge of each department more than the people within those departments. You may not have different departments at a small business, so your employees are more accessible as individuals. This allows you to directly state your expectations of them while you get a better feel of how they feel about the business. Having a direct relationship with their manager will give employees a better understanding of how the business functions as whole.

Encourage Employees to Take Initiative

If all employees understand the big picture of the business, everyone will have a better understanding of everyone else’s individual job. This would encourage more employees to feel comfortable enough to give their own input on how the company can grow.

Hire a Business Coach for Additional Help

Consider hiring a business coach to examine how you run a business. They can teach you how to better communicate with your employees, which will help you become a better leader and manager. The business coaches at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay offer these services to the independent, small and large businesses of the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can begin helping your company reach its full potential.