Have you ever asked yourself, “is my marketing spend actually giving me a return on my investment?” If so, our newest video is just for you. Learn how to measure your marketing efforts and get insider tips on how to make your business more profitable.

Juliet Kyes is one of our expert business coaches here at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Helping business owners build their businesses to be more profitable and get out of the day-to-day hours of running the business, Juliet also works to help these entrepreneurs to figure out their marketing strategy as well. Remember, extra effort equals a huge pay off in the end!

Is Your Marketing Budget an Investment or an Expense?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I putting out all of this money when I have no idea what’s actually working?” 

We know that we should measure our marketing efforts, but many do not know how to or where to start. Shifting your mindset from thinking about marketing dollars in the profit and loss column and instead as an expected expense like payroll, rent, or insurance. We don’t expect a return on investment (ROI) on expected expenses, but most typically do expect ROI from marketing.

Stop thinking of marketing as an expense and start thinking about marketing as an investment!

If you had an investment, wouldn’t you expect to get a return on that investment? Likewise, if you were thinking about getting a return how would you know if you’re actually getting a return? You must measure, of course! It allows you to become cognizant that your marketing strategy is bettering you overall and helps to understand where to start.

Why aren’t you doing that in your marketing now? Is it because it is confusing? Challenging? Time restrictions? That’s where a business coach can help!

Recent Results of Tampa Bay Business Coaching

A recent client with a huge marketing budget learned to measure their marketing ROI and found that only 3 out of 14 types of marketing efforts were actually returning a profit. Our business coach was able to save the business 50 percent of their marketing budget that was then reallocated to other strategies.

Another way to help measure marketing return on investment is to implement a referral program Do you have strategies that you implement on a 90-day basis to bring in referrals? Business owners have a tremendous opportunity to improve and grow through marketing and create more profitability for their businesses.

A 30-minute meeting with one of our experienced business coaches can help you do the same through analyzing of your current marketing tactics and devise a plan to find measurement resources and strategies.

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