BABM Article Sept/Oct 2009: May I Help You? – The Customer Experience

The delivery of excellent customer service seems to be the exception rather than the rule in today’s marketplace. When was the last time you felt your business was was truly appreciated? Even though companies preach about customer service, do they really know how to do it? Think about your company; how is your company doing on customer service?

To master the delivery of an exceptional customer experience at every level of your organization would automatically set your company miles apart. You would join the ranks of the legendary service-oriented organizations. Companies that mastered the art of customer service have excelled in the several areas. Employee engagement, communication, employee training, and leadership development are all part of the customer service process. Having a business coach can help your organization focus on these areas.

Keeping tabs on your company’s performance is something that needs to be measured accurately. Many companies overall estimate how they are doing. Having a solid idea of where you stand in terms of customer service will only build value to your organization. ActionCOACH has teamed with a company that offers an employee engagement survey tool.

In your business, there are many types of insurance you need to keep up-to-date. Have you ever thought about customer service insurance? You’ve probably never heard of it before, but it’s exactly what you get when you develop a solid company-wide strategy for evaluation and training. Measure employee engagement and you’ll see the direct effect it exerts on customer satisfaction. Offer continuing leadership training and team development, and you’ve got employee engagement.

Many managers are accustomed to thinking about customer service as common sense or a soft skill. However, when great customer service is the exception, how likely is your staff to have experienced it first-hand? With some effort and attention, and the help of a qualified business coach, you can assure the principles of great customer service become ingrained in every aspect of your business culture and operations.

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