ROI - After the Conference of Event - What to do With All the Info You GetGetting a return on investment or ROI is paramount for any attendee at a business conference or event. Businesses cannot afford to waste money so if you go to a conference3 or event you will want to get a great ROI.

Business, like life, is all about relationships. It’s why you go to networking events and conferences. Conferences are great for finding ways to connect with people and learn new ways to improve your business. So what should you do with all the great information you get there?

First, get ready before you get there. Come prepared with a notebook to hold all of the paper you’ll get while you’re there. Don’t count on handouts and bring paper for notes. Find a method to stay organized as you go. Make sure to add in a way to keep business cards and contacts organized as well. Then once the conference has ended, go through all those notes, handouts and paper you gathered while there. If you didn’t prepare ahead of time, be sure to organize all that you collected. You want to separate all contacts to follow up with and notes with information to act upon.

Next, go through all your notes and highlight the key ideas. You will also want to look back and clearly set out the take away points that you discovered. This will help you prioritize your follow up on action steps. To get some better background and more rounded picture, visit the websites of the speakers from the conference. Especially if they directed you to a specific website or piece of information. Update notes and lists. By now your list of action items has become long and overwhelming.

That leads us to the last step. Often conferences give us an overwhelming amount of information and so many good ideas, so much so that we end up not knowing what to do first. Take you list of action items and prioritize them. Include on that list people you need to follow up with. Highlight ideas and key points and prioritize them by which you want to implement first. Then put three a month into practice. Make those a habit, and then add three more. Your list becomes manageable and you will inevitably put all those great ideas into practice. Wonderful! You have achieved good ROI from your conference or event.

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