Most entrepreneurs have grand dreams in mind when starting a new business, and you may envision your business taking off with incredible levels of success. Of course, it is necessary to develop a business plan that is functional for your current needs, but you also need to leave plenty of room in your plan for growth and development. With this in mind, you may be wondering how to develop a functional, scalable business plan for your startup. These points will help you to improve your efforts so that you can foster the growth you desire for your business.

Choose Business Space That Allows You to Grow

One of the most critical aspects of your business plan is your real estate. There are benefits associated with both buying and leasing, but you should avoid getting locked into a long-term option without a viable exit strategy if you are planning for growth. For example, if you do purchase real estate, consider purchasing a larger space and leasing out part of the area until it is needed by your business. On the other hand, consider if you could easily sell or lease a smaller area when the time comes to relocate to a larger facility.

Make Plans to Seek New Opportunities

If part of your business plan includes growth and development, you must keep your attention on new opportunities. For example, you must include seeking new investors, developing client relationships and bolstering marketing efforts as part of your strategy. Essentially, you need to include plans for making growth happen rather than waiting for it to occur.

Develop a Functional Marketing Campaign

Marketing is one of the most critical elements to your business plan, and this is because it impacts everything from brand image and your budget, to sales and profitability. Your marketing campaign initially may be focused on simply trying to generate enough money to break even and to turn your first profit. However, it should also include plans for growth. Market your business for where you want to go, not your present situation.

Contact ActionCOACH for Business Planning Assistance

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