Following and learning from the paths of others can help with individual business strategy and in staying motivated. We all love hearing about how Walt Disney and Michael Jordan turned failure on its head. Reading the stories of how underdogs defeated the odds to obtain success can prove comforting, too. After all, it helps to know that you’re not alone in your struggles. Here are just a few examples of small businesses, and small business owners, who rose to greatness:

Entrepreneur and health guru Kris Carr actually used her cancer diagnosis as fuel for her vibrant career, further proving that adversity can turn into excellent fodder to ignite success.

Similarly, something as simple as trying to take care of a cat, and its litter box, in a small studio apartment can provide inspiration, like it did for CitiKitty. See everyday problems as a potential market need, and go for it!

Even local company Urban E Recycling seized the opportunity of recycling an influx of electronics and computers.

Certain product offerings, such as wine, rely heavily on the market’s perception of quality as it relates to geography. However, some do not see their location as a setback. Just check out another local company, Florida Orange Groves Winery.

Check out this article from Entrepreneur magazine that highlights even more success stories.

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