Starting a new business has many hurdles. Some are easier to overcome than others. Sometimes, just finding the right business to start is a challenge all to itself. Once an idea is found, putting a business plan together is the next step. A good business plan has to include financing. Where is the seed money coming from, can investors be found, will there be enough money are all great questions to ask when starting a new company.
Melissa Howard has some insight to the process because she became the owner of ActionCOACHActionCOACH is a business coaching company that focuses on helping businesses grow.Howard, who worked at Mead Corp. for 21 years, said the most important thing for a person thinking about starting a business is “making sure it’s the right one for you because there are so many options.”

Howard likes the partnership she has with ActionCOACH. She said being a franchisee allows her to have resources of a larger organization but still having her own business.

“I’m not quite by myself,” she said.

Howard said she invested $75,000 to start her business, which was a significant financial hurdle.

Once she found her business fit and set up financing, she was well on her way to a successful business adventure. She is now trying to understand her resources and learning how to work within her community.

Research by Ed Richter, Staff Writer of Middletown Journal
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