By Teresa Strong-Myrick, Business Coach, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

You know the results you want for your business: more customers, more revenue, and more profit.  The challenge is focusing on the smaller components that drive those desired results, such as lead generation, conversion rates, margins, etc.  Just as a personal trainer knows the intricacies of the body and the proper moves to target areas of concern, the right business coach does the same for your business. The secret sauce to this improvement is accountability. 

A business coach who holds you accountable encourages you to focus your hard work in the right areas of your business at the right time. Having a coach to report to – and who keeps you accountable — makes it more likely that you will complete the tasks that lead to the results you want.     

What Happens WITHOUT Accountability

First, let’s take a look at what happens when you aren’t held responsible for the tasks that drive positive results.

  • Nothing gets done. You may have learned plenty from your coach, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t apply it.
  • No consistent source of professional expertise. Expert oversight is invaluable when you’re trying to rethink how you operate your business and you’re overwhelmed with options or don’t know where to start.
  • No effective measurement of progress. You won’t know where you’re lagging and where you’ve made strides as you apply the elements of a new system.
  • Business remains stagnant. You’re keeping busy by doing things, but none of them are moving you forward.
  • Burnout and feeling overwhelmed. Work too hard for too long with no tangible results, and you’ll think giving up is the best option.
  • Owner feels alone (no community/no support).

What Happens WITH Accountability?

  • You take the time to get crystal clear on the current status of your business
  • Encouragement to step out of your comfort zone (needed for growth)  
  • You have deadlines for action items
  • Measured productivity towards your business goals
  • Systematic acknowledgement of WINS 
  • You get a bird’s-eye view of what you need for your business.  “You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame” – Les Brown.   
  • Commitment/Investment in YOURSELF (which yields the highest return)   

Now is the right time to assess your situation.  As you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you where you thought you would be in your business by now?   
  • What goals are you working toward?  
  • What is your plan of execution to reach those goals?
  • Is your team engaged and excited about the goals and plans you’ve established?    

Finally, consider how much further along your business would be if you had a clear plan, with clear goals and deadlines that you (and your team) were executing on a consistent basis.  The experts at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay are here to provide that invaluable guidance.

Work with the Experts in Business Coaching

To be successful, businesses need strong leaders who hold themselves and their teams accountable. We can be part of that important process. ActionCOACH Tampa Bay will guide you along this journey to building a plan that leads to your success.  Contact us today, and we’ll help you develop the skills you need to focus on the areas that lead to winning results.